Solid Perfume Box

A small portable box designed for the japanse cosmetic brand Shiro. It contains solid perfume in different scents. Photography Alberto Strada



Manufactured by Arflex Japan, S.21 is a family of side tables with round and oval top and consoles with rectangular shape. The top is marble, on…



Daydream is an indoor/outdoor daybed we designed for Living Divani, based on the idea of ​​giving life to a very simple and practical object that is…


Zenit, aluminium frame seating

Aluminium frame seating family in which the idea is to create a product that functions both indoors and outside not only by changing the finishing, the…

Days 01 cut


Days is a project about daily and universal glassware to use in the everyday routine, for water, juice, soft drinks…or a scoop of ice-cream after lunch….


Penguin Family

Collection of borosilicated glass carafe in which the main idea is to apply basic yet precise and industrial techniques of production to the glass pipe. The…