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Make up collection

A collection of make-up products for Shiro Japan. The tension between a rigid silouette and a roundish section was the key of the project and the common…

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S.21 Wood version

New addition to the S.21 collection designed for Arflex Japan and launched in 2019. Soft triangular shape, made in solid oak. Three different sizes.


Perfume Bottle

A glass perfume bottle designed for the japanse cosmetic brand Shiro. It comes in 12 different scents. Photography Alberto Strada, Studio Mist-o


Solid Perfume Box

A small portable box designed for the japanse cosmetic brand Shiro. It contains solid perfume in different scents. Photography Alberto Strada



Manufactured by Arflex Japan, S.21 is a family of side tables with round and oval top and consoles with rectangular shape. The top is marble, on…



Daydream is an indoor/outdoor daybed we designed for Living Divani, based on the idea of ​​giving life to a very simple and practical object that is…


Zenit, aluminium frame seating

Aluminium frame seating family in which the idea is to create a product that functions both indoors and outside not only by changing the finishing, the…

Days 01 cut


Days is a project about daily and universal glassware to use in the everyday routine, for water, juice, soft drinks…or a scoop of ice-cream after lunch….