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Make up collection

A collection of make-up products for Shiro Japan. The tension between a rigid silouette and a roundish section was the key of the project and the common…

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S.21 Wood version

New addition to the S.21 collection designed for Arflex Japan and launched in 2019. Soft triangular shape, made in solid oak. Three different sizes.

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Ambrosiano table system

Modular table system designed for Zanotta. Made with solid oak trestles and different materials for the table top. The distance between trestles determines the multiple top…

Living Divani Moon Coffee Table 3

Moon Evolution

New Moon for Living Divani. Launched as a bedside table in 2014, Moon is resumed and expanded in three new variants, A container/side table of 70…


Flat Pack Table (FPT)

The FPT tables consist of  a frame, legs and top. They are flat pack and easy to assemble, and comes in three heights and two diameters, which can be used…


Perfume Bottle

A glass perfume bottle designed for the japanse cosmetic brand Shiro. It comes in 12 different scents. Photography Alberto Strada, Studio Mist-o


Solid Perfume Box

A small portable box designed for the japanse cosmetic brand Shiro. It contains solid perfume in different scents. Photography Alberto Strada



Manufactured by Arflex Japan, S.21 is a family of side tables with round and oval top and consoles with rectangular shape. The top is marble, on…



Daydream is an indoor/outdoor daybed we designed for Living Divani, based on the idea of ​​giving life to a very simple and practical object that is…


Zenit, aluminium frame seating

Aluminium frame seating family in which the idea is to create a product that functions both indoors and outside not only by changing the finishing, the…