London Installation / Antolini
Antolini, a well-known and established marble producer of Italy, through the curation of Giulio Cappellini, commissioned the studio to create an experiential presentation in London for the 100% Design.
Sekitei is the Japanese name for the gardens of stones. The basic idea is to create a space where you can perceive a little bit of calm and tranquility even if you are inside a trade show. We wanted to create a garden which reminds of the traditional Japanese gardens, where contemplation of the landscape and closeness to nature are foundamental features. The space is divided into two sections, a sheltered one, reminiscent of a portico, where one admires the garden, and an open, empty area that is the garden itself. It is a sort of secret garden which you can experience only if you enter into it, and where the materials become extremely important and the main object for the visitor to observe and experience.
Pictures Alberto Strada