Manufactured by Living Divani
Launched as a bedside table in 2014, Moon is resumed and expanded in three new variants.
Full Moon, a low and wide volume, with an upper hinged door. It is a low table and also a container who can be used in the living room or in the bedroom to store blankets, toys or various objects.
Moon Satellite, a container on wheels, which unveils its multifunctionality through two accessible compartments characterized by different sizes and capacities. The idea was to design a small trolley that can be moved around and help in different occasions when you need a place to store things temporarily. For example if you work from home you can use it under the table or desk to store and keep in order pens, paper, chargers or  any other tool.
Moon Eclipse, a double volume that combines a low and wide cylinder with a satellite container that can be opened on one side to store bottles or other object to enjoy your relax time in the livingroom.
Pictures Living Divani