Manufactured by Living Divani
New collection of carpets for Living Divani named Kumo, meaning “cloud” in Japanese, takes inspiration from the fabrics used for kimono, looking to enfold into a carpet the lightness and simplicity of a pattern that is usually worn. Available in three different versions, these flat weave rugs woven on a vertical or horizontal loom, thin and therefore highly versatile, integrate the Japanese expressiveness with the technique of textile artisans in Lahore, Pakistan,naturally creating elegant products and materials.
Misore: A carpet that evokes in an abstract way a surface on which large flakes of snow are placed, hence the name Misore which one could translate as “sleet”.
Kinsame: A slightly irregular pattern that on a large scale seems to disappear and gives the impression of a world seen through heavy rain.
Minamo: Carpet with a geometric and regular pattern that would call to mind a surface of calm water, only slightly rippled by a steady wind.