Manufactured by Ichendorf
Days is a project about daily and universal glassware to use in the everyday routine, for water, juice, soft drinks…or a scoop of ice-cream after lunch. Thanks to its generous size and bold atmosphere it easily mix in with other house products, becoming a friendly companion. The main idea is to try to create a connection between industry and craft by attempting to investigate the space that is created between these two worlds by means of a series of familiar every day products that one uses daily, which give a sense of uniqueness and novelty as well as being able to be produced on a large scale. The purpose is to try and make products where the interpretation and expression of the designer take second place and are not of prime importance. These objects almost seem not to have been designed; they easily mix in with other house products and have  the quality of an everyday things.
Thanks to the slightly large diameter the original idea was to design also a jug with the same diameter of the glass. Unfortunatelly the jug didn’t made it to production.
Picture Alberto Strada