Manufactured by Living Divani
This product is based on the idea of ​​giving life to a very simple and practical object that is almost primitive in its appearance and in the way in which it is produced. It is a structure on which a hand-made net hangs and creates a container for the pillows. The hand-made characteristics are immediately visible in the “imperfections” of the netting, which, though simple and severe, has the typical feeling of hand-crafted objects. It is a product that is a bit unusual for its type and which can be seen as a sort of simple modern  hammock that can be interpreted in a new way in that it offers a different and informal manner of use. It can be used outside and, thanks to its rather generous dimensions and its shape, two people can sit on it and face each other. Given this possibility, namely, of sitting opposite another person, the intention of creating a means of promoting social interaction and stimulating dialogue between people can be realized.
Pictures Alberto Strada