Mercedes Benz
One-off, 2011
A fruit bowl in plexiglass that is characterized by the special way in which the material is worked. It is colored with special ink that penetrates into the material and gives it an interesting soft effect. The object is made by mixing operations carried out by a machine following a pattern and work done by hand. The result is that it seems to have been sculptured from a single block.
The Mercedes-Benz star has become over the years such an effective and well-known symbol that in an instant it can define and evoke in the person that sees it the ideas and emotions associated with the make without requiring any additional words.  In this manner, being able to transpose an abstract symbol that is so full of meaning in the world of real daily things brings about the creation of objects which are already quite communicative from the start. This is done by adding the sensory ingredients of matter, which only the world of three dimensional things has. The means used for communication becomes something that can be used in one`s daily life.