Agusta Westland
Concept, 2014
The basic concept of this proposal is that of seeking to create a familiar and contained area in order to give the impression that one is entering a protected space which is another dimension, inside a bubble that is floating in the air.
By utilizing light as a fundamental characteristic of the environment, we have attempted to make it possible to create different atmospheres in accordance with the type of flight which one wishes to undertake, whether it be during the day or at night. Light is employed in a diffused manner, which helps to give the impression that the space is larger than it really is.
The cabin space has been conceived so as to be accommodating and comfortable. It is characterized by the use of large seats that are of generous proportions. We have tried to apply the standards of living at home to the interior of the craft. The space is thought of as being extremely flexible so that the seating composition can be changed in order to give the passenger the possibility of freely experiencing the cabin. In this way one can choose what kind of trip one wants to make, whether it be a business trip with a rigorous and formal arrangement or a more relaxed and family oriented excursion with the seating corresponding to a living room.